About Us

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The Marine Spatial Planning Research Network has been taking shape since the University of Amsterdam’s 2011 People and the Sea Conference, which led to a position paper, and subsequent meetings and discussions in various locations. We are actively involved in projects at European and national levels in which MSP practice is being assessed and developed further. We seek to bring a critical understanding to the application of spatial planning to the marine environment. Our conviction is that MSP does not have a single form, but will reflect the different contexts in which it is developed.

We bring together disciplinary interests from across the social and natural sciences, such as geography, political science, marine ecology and terrestrial planning. We seek to analyse and contribute to progress in marine spatial planning by applying our different specialist perspectives and by working together in an interdisciplinary way. We work with practitioners and policy-makers in order to make stronger connections with practice, and eek to encourage early-career researchers entering the field of MSP studies. We are an informal network open to new participants who share our overall aims. We organise occasional events and take part in other academic and policy-making MSP-related fora. Typical research questions that we are interested in addressing are set out in our position paper.