HopefulNESS 2017 conference session notes

MSP Research Workshop @ HopefulNESS 2017 in Tampere, Finland

Session notes from post-it discussion – complemented by reflections from the session leaders

by Riku Varjopuro and Andrea Morf


Today we are happy to share our notes and ideas we collected during the session mentioned above.

Background and focus of the session

At the European Maritime Day in Gothenburg and the final conference of the Plan Bothnia project in 2012, a few of us met and discussed important research perspectives for research on MSP. We realised that we need international forums where we can meet and exchange and interact and develop theoretical reflection and methods further. Out of this developed eventually the European MSP Research Network , which has so far invited to 2 seminars and as a whole been a forum for interaction and “condensation point” for various MSP-research and capacity building activities driven by different constellations of researchers, resulting in e.g. transnational research applications, publications and trainings. At the 2nd network seminar in Liverpool, in autumn 2016, social science perspectives on MSP were discussed. There, and during the 2nd Baltic MSP Forum in Riga, the idea developed, to plan a session at the Nordic Environmental Social Science network (NESS) conference to be held in Tampere in summer 2017. The conference format of paper-workshops appeared highly suitable and several MSP research projects would have results to share.