Euroports 2017
07.11.2017 - 10.11.2017
Rotterdam Ahoy - Rotterdam



Well-established as one of the world’s leading maritime exhibitions, with close to 30,000 visitors from 40 countries in 2015, Europort 2017 is a 'must’ for anyone involved in the international maritime market.

Structured to aid ship owners and operators optimise the performance of their fleets, Europort is an important meeting place for maritime industry professionals which brings together representatives from all sectors. It creates a forum where buyers and sellers can gather under one roof to conduct business and enhance industry knowledge. In particular, Europort adds value in terms of technology leadership and the building of complex ship types, benefitting all stakeholders by showcasing innovative technology and advanced shipbuilding systems.


The scope of Europort includes sea shipping, offshore vessels, inland navigation, dredging, fishing vessels, workboats, naval ships, construction vessels and mega yachts. The specific focus on special purpose ships sets Europort apart from other events.

Exhibitor profile 

Europort is interesting for manufacturers and suppliers involved in: Shipbuilding, repair and conversion, Propulsion and manoeuvring, Electronics, communication & navigation, Environmental and auxiliary systems, Deck, safety and special equipment and Maritime services (e.g. classification, finance, nautical services, media, government and sector associations).

Visitor profile 

Europort is a must attend event for ship owners, shipyard managers, ship designers, super intendants, fleet managers, ship brokers, technical engineers, naval architects and all other maritime professionals that are involved in shipbuilding, repair or conversion.

Themes Europort 2017

Big data

Big Data is, without doubt, a game changer. Smart ships, offering scope for enhanced analysis of captured data, will provide insights that will minimise costs and optimise vessel performance. Europort will provide a showcase for new generation IT and system integration tools, ultra-sensitive monitoring, condition-based maintenance, fleet performance management and the other types of data analysis needed to help owners and operators achieve better cost efficiency and lower the overall total cost of ownership.

The new environmental age

The development of environment-friendly technology is often driven by international regulations. However, market leaders turn the quest for sustainability into a strategic competitive advantage, rather than a necessary evil. Europort will present a range of new green technology solutions, from ultra-efficient propeller designs and ballast water technology, to high tech coatings and fuel-efficient solar cell systems. The underlying message will be clear. Clean and efficient shipping technology is central to a profitable and sustainable business model.

The human factor

In shipping, success and competitiveness rely on having a highly skilled workforce that is enabled to innovate and operate in increasingly tough market conditions, charting a path to new business. Europort will lead a timely discussion on the importance of human capital, stressing the need to engage with young talent and invest in staff expertise to strengthen operational skills and boost existing productivity levels, as well as prepare to meet demands in the future.


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